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blind sound of color B/W

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

“Black and White” utilizes light and shadow to convey the opposing themes of the piece, including love/hate, life/death, young/old, daydream/nightmare, and ugliness/beauty. The narrative unfolds through an innovative mix of shadow puppetry and animation, as two-dimensional characters come alive in a colorless world, underscored by The Raveonettes’ haunting vocals. A majority of the elements used in the video were shot in-camera, and puppeteers’ hands and rigging are often left in the shots to create a more spontaneous and organic aesthetic. The piece retains its whimsy through unexpected visuals, references to the beloved Danish fairy tales of Sune’s youth, and a richly textured physical and emotional landscape that can only be fully experienced after multiple viewings.

(excerpt from website)

If you haven’t noticed, I dig this shadow puppet silhouette animation. I love the use of ink in this one too. Plus I LOVE WOLVES!






The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

I was on Youtube today and spotted this under the featured videos. And what a find! Anthony Lucas, the director of this short, was nominated for an Oscar in 2005 for this cunning silhouette style animation.

This style reminds me of a movie by the title of Persepolis which follows the simple comic style animation but with the same grungy textures as this short. That’s all I feel like saying about this! It’s something you just have to see for yourself.

Forget the Film, Watch the Titles

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

have you ever seen a movie with the most amazing title sequence?
Let me introduce you to a website that is dedicated to promoting title sequences…some of which that are better than the movies themselves!

This is an archive of tons of fantastic title sequences

These are some of my personal favorites-

A series of Unfortunate Events
Directed by Jamie Caliri




This end title animation for A Series of Unfortunate Events sums up everything I like about animation! The mood, the textures, and the music come together to make this amazing masterpiece that has really inspired me!

Also check out these-

Trailer Park Unicorn
-a dark and mysterious sequence. The animation is beautiful
-I came across this just now and thought the design was just stunning. Check it out.

Hope you enjoy these!