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Monday, April 5th, 2010

Lately I have come across some awesome graphic design, illustration, and music. I think this weather has been inspiring me to…get inspired again! You’ll notice that my winter posts were pretty pathetic…probably due to seasonal depression which seems to hit just around midwinter when you forget what it’s like to wear shorts.

To start off, check out these Hitchcock posters by Laz Marquez


Gez Fry

Fry’s graphic novel style illustrations are incredible. I love the rich colors and gradients.


Claire Kho

It’s hard to put Claire Kho’s style in a box. She does a lot of different work in motion art, illustration, and photography. The one piece of art that brought me to look her up is this one. It describes the evolution of the panda derived from the raccoon.


Darren Booth

I love the colors and textures Booth uses in his illustrations. What struck me, though, was how his art hints at cubism and how he uses this to define most of his portfolio.


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Plaid – New Family

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010