Les Illuminations

Listening to Les Illuminations by Britten

I like these two best-

Translation for Villes(Cities)

These are cities!
This is a people for whom the dreamlike
Alleghanies and Mount Lebanon soared upwards!
Houses of glass and wood move along invisible pulleys and rails.
Ancient craters circled by colossi and copper palm
trees roar tunefully in the midst of flames.
Long processions of Mabs in russet
and opaline gowns climb the ravines.
Up above, their feet in the waterfalls and brambles,
stags suckle Diana.
Bacchantes from the suburbs sob
while the moon burns and howls.
Venus goes into the caves
of blacksmiths and hermits.
The ideas of peoples are intoned
from groups of belltowers.
Unfamiliar music issues from castles built of bones.
The paradise of storms collapses.
Savages dance without cease to celebrate the night.
What kind arms, what precious hour will give me
back this place whence come my sleep and my every movement?

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    I wish the clips were longer!

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