I am so far out of this universe right now, high on Tekkonkinkreet and Blitzen Trapper. Tekkonkinkreet was freaking amazing. Japanese animation is beyond incredible (not so much a fan of manga or anime but it just goes to show you have to give everything a chance!). Directed by Michael Arias, this film is jam packed with impossible visuals, intense plot, and of course great music by Plaid (see earlier post). I can’t describe how fulfilling this movie was.

tekkonkinkreet_4 tekkonkinkreet_1 tekkonkinkreet_2


Currently listening to Blitzen Trapper, a mixture of country, indie rock, and electronic. What separates this band from others in my ears are the fast paced chord changes. I’m an impatient listener so this was just perfect.


For those of you trying to make your own music, Blitzen Trapper released their first three albums on their own, using their own home built studio. Sound quality not all that great, but look where it got them. Use what you have and make something of it!

Blitzen Trapper

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3 Responses to “HOLY CRAP. YEAH.”

  1. beck Says:

    A)private bloggind DOES exist ! ha
    b) TEKKON KINKREETTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so fantastic , .m,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but of course weve talked about this EVErybody needs to see this movi E !!

  2. beck Says:

    YES !! get them to show it ill buy 10 tickets

  3. holly Says:

    buy it - then I can watch it when I get home :)

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