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blind sound of color B/W

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

“Black and White” utilizes light and shadow to convey the opposing themes of the piece, including love/hate, life/death, young/old, daydream/nightmare, and ugliness/beauty. The narrative unfolds through an innovative mix of shadow puppetry and animation, as two-dimensional characters come alive in a colorless world, underscored by The Raveonettes’ haunting vocals. A majority of the elements used in the video were shot in-camera, and puppeteers’ hands and rigging are often left in the shots to create a more spontaneous and organic aesthetic. The piece retains its whimsy through unexpected visuals, references to the beloved Danish fairy tales of Sune’s youth, and a richly textured physical and emotional landscape that can only be fully experienced after multiple viewings.

(excerpt from website)

If you haven’t noticed, I dig this shadow puppet silhouette animation. I love the use of ink in this one too. Plus I LOVE WOLVES!