blind sound of color B/W

“Black and White” utilizes light and shadow to convey the opposing themes of the piece, including love/hate, life/death, young/old, daydream/nightmare, and ugliness/beauty. The narrative unfolds through an innovative mix of shadow puppetry and animation, as two-dimensional characters come alive in a colorless world, underscored by The Raveonettes’ haunting vocals. A majority of the elements used in the video were shot in-camera, and puppeteers’ hands and rigging are often left in the shots to create a more spontaneous and organic aesthetic. The piece retains its whimsy through unexpected visuals, references to the beloved Danish fairy tales of Sune’s youth, and a richly textured physical and emotional landscape that can only be fully experienced after multiple viewings.

(excerpt from website)

If you haven’t noticed, I dig this shadow puppet silhouette animation. I love the use of ink in this one too. Plus I LOVE WOLVES!






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  1. Sasha Says:

    That is pretty perfect. The use of shadows is amazing. I just love the actual wold drawings so much as well. I like the song too and I feel this goes well with the wolf photo I just took!
    During the weekend I watched a show that talked about lighting in black and white films during the silent era to the 50s, and it was very interesting. I’m being inspired by black and white lately.

    You share great stuff!

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