About Me

Hello! My name is Laura and back in the 2000’s I had a blog called amuse at this very domain. I used it to share things I liked- art, music, film and sometimes my own art and music. I think only 3 people read that blog. It’s purpose wasn’t so much for an audience but had to do with the peace and joy I felt in collecting the things in one place that inspire me. I shut down the blog after high school but my passion for appreciating the arts grew outside of the walls of cyberspace and out into the real world. My interests never stopped growing and every new place I visit gives me a new life in which to explore new skills, immerse myself in different environments, and even take on new identities. The reincarnation of this blog is a more expansive version of it’s predecessor. This is a multimedia diary of my travels and insights and a place where I will be sharing alllll of my many interests with you.

Thank you for stopping by.