Quentin Blake



I present to you, our beloved illustrator and storyteller, Quentin Blake. His illustrations are always heartwarming and bring a smile to my face…and always make me laugh.

Please, please please, visit his website! It is full of many pleasant surprises and everything you want to know about Quentin Blake!





Quentin Blakeqb7




p.s. A Roald Dahl post will soon follow!

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2 Responses to “Quentin Blake”

  1. Sasha Says:

    The set is actually a whole other piece on the side, a sort of sculpture with doilies on canvas, books with nails through them, and then coming out of the book creases are little twigs with small leaves glued on that I cut out of real leaves. The whole thing was painted the blackest black. I’m going to add electrical wires to hang small felt clothing with clothespins.

    You should talk about Edward Gorey too :)

  2. olaya barr Says:

    have you ever read his short stories? soooo brilliant. witty and charming and fantastic!

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